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This site is for the curious, because some of us are. This site is for the researcher because, to the best of my ability the facts are correct and always checked with the source. This site is for the young because you don't know what you have missed. This site is for fans and followers because without you there would be no Rock Legacy. Above all, this site is for people who like music and who can appreciate it regardless of genre and time and regardless of whether you are a player or a payer.

Rock Legacy is an archive of primary material about the people who have made music during the last fifty years including singers, songwriters, producers, bands and key players in the pantheon of rock and popular music.

All material is copyright. It may be reproduced with permission:
Please email rock-legacy AT live DOT co DOT uk

All sound files are for listening only and are not downloadable. Purchase options are given where relevant. All quotations and contributions are published with the express permission of the artists, apart from those of guest writers, who are deemed to have been granted such permissions.

Rock Legacy also has a record label and a video production facility. If you are interested in finding out more please send an email to the above address. 
Morgan & Tandy - Earthrise Promo
Our first release was Earthrise Special Edition by David Scott-Morgan and Richard Tandy, both formerly of ELO. We gave it a dedicated site at www.earthrise-tm.com 

I have a long wish list, but most of them are people who may have been overlooked elsewhere. This does not mean they are not important, quite the opposite; they are important but the world moves on and an entire generation has passed to the point where, quite incredibly, some people cannot tell me the names of The Beatles.

That's me in the corner, far right, uncharacteristically wearing a baseball hat, on the Earthrise promo shoot

My name is Ged. I trained and worked as a journalist and broadcaster in the distant past. I now live in Scotland and keep chickens.  I also work with musicians on various projects.

He who is tired of Chickens is tired of Life

The "stories" on Rock Legacy are about people you may have missed; either that or there is a side to their career that needed to be addressed. I don't set out to criticise or embarrass my subjects - they appear here because I respect and admire them and besides, the easiest thing in the world is to do a demolition job. I am the keeper of a few confidences and dodgy demos; you will find no-one listed here or elsewhere who will say I ever betrayed a confidence or private information or allowed work in progress out to the public domain.

Finally a plea. If you are a musician and I contact you for an interview please remember, please, that I do this as a nod to futurity - because you are interesting, just bloody brilliant or part of the musical canon and the legacy of modern music, not to boost your ego or your download sales. If you want smoke blown up your bum ask your Publicist.

And finally again, you stranger, you legend, you raver, your seer of visions - it is not about "being nice to the little people" on the way up because you'll need them on the way down. it is because one day in the distant future, someone will ask, "who were you?"

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